Collective individuality shaped the concept of New Studio. In 2018 core members Axel Peemoeller, Dimitris Papazoglou, Rita Matos and Jon Gray formed an alliance with a common vision of expanding and connecting their creative networks and expertise. New Studio became their common ground, with each member in physical different locations, Dimitris in Greece, Rita in Portugal and Axel and Jon in New York, New Studio is the definition of a remote studio with the ability to cast each individual net at a different location. The decentralized approach supports autonomous operation under a collective umbrella, agility to form project teams as and where needed, and a vivid and diverse creative exchange. New Studio recognizes each project as a unique endeavor and each person’s individuality as the key to their collective growth. Together they are working on all strategic and creative aspects of branding and editorial projects.

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11 December, 2020